Mirror and Matching

The Magical Ingredient of Psychological Reciprocity

It is possible to create a strong positive bond between people in minutes instead of hours using a technique we call mirror and matching.

The Real Secret

Psychologists have known for many years that, in general, people are attracted to and quickly trust other people who remind them of themselves.

We can drastically shorten the time it takes to accomplish this state by making a conscious effort to mirror and match the behavior of anyone that we wish to relax, allowing them to feel comfortable and at ease quickly so that a bond of trust can begin to form.

Mirror and matching is an extension of modeling theory that advocates that if behavior is modeled precisely, it can be duplicated by almost any individual.

We advise matching speech patterns and speed of delivery, body language, eye contact and posture. Serious practitioners will also include humor or the lack of it, prejudices and proclivities.

Tony Robbins, the internationally known success trainer, has been known to go so far as to even match the breathing pattern of the individual he's working with.

For example

If your subject is sitting with his arms folded across his chest, (a known defensive posture) wait for at least 20 seconds and cross your arms across your chest. Always delay adopting posture matching because the technique is easier to spot if it's executed very quickly. So, If he smiles, you smile. If he talks fast, you talk fast. slow, slow, etc.

Be advised using this secret is considered "selling dangerously" because if you get caught using mirror and matching, you might as well pack your bags because the other party will tend to never trust you again and probably never do business with you either.

We believe, however, there are still some things in life worth taking a risk for. This technique is one of them.

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